NARBHANorthern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
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Kuzmin, as a key member of NARBHA s executive leadership team, also will deliver strategic guidance to sustain financial operations, policies and programs to drive best practices and to progress NARBHA s strategic goals and vision.
On-site clinicians assist the patient, while NARBHA telemedicine staff make the connection to a remote physician who engages via video from NARBHA's Flagstaff headquarters, which is equipped with Polycom[R] HDX[R] series room systems, from another clinic in the region equipped with a Polycom room system, or from a home office using Polycom HDX series room systems or Polycom[R] RealPresence[R] Desktop 2.
In fact, in a recent NARBHA patient survey, just 20 percent prefer in-person consults, with four of five patients saying they either prefer telemedicine care or don't have a preference.
In another model, NARBHA clinical care coordinators will form a team to help with, for example, a child's anger management treatment.
NARBHA began offering video consults in 1996 and switched to Polycom solutions in 2001.
In 2011, NARBHA administered 10,500 patient sessions over video, along with 3,826 administrative and training meetings.
TriZetto's solution has a strong track record of helping emerging health plans such as NARBHA negotiate this new landscape, evolve their business models and grow profitably.
NARBHA serves more than 700,000 people throughout 62,000 square miles (or u of the state) of northern Arizona, including the Hopi Reservation.
Since implementation in November 1996, NARBHA NET has delivered previously unavailable health services and support to citizens in remote areas: a psychiatrist, located more than 150 miles away in Flagstaff, treats up to 35 patients a week in the rural towns of St.
T Prime Video Switching system gives NARBHA its own private data delivery and video network with both on and off network video dialing capability.
The system is also equipped with Cisco hubs, routers, Adtran channel service units and associated equipment for transmitting data, including e-mail among NARBHA and provider sites and clinical and business data to data centers for processing.
NARBHA NET currently consists of videoconferencing sites in Flagstaff (2), Show Low, St.