NARCISNational Academic Research and Collaborations Information System
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The papers are found through a literature search in Science Direct, Academic Search Premier, Web of Science, NARCIS and with various combinations of the following search words: BIM, building information model(ing), construction, building construction, construction industry, project development, sustainable business process management, business process management.
AEGEAN I a) NARCIS b) ALKYON c) AEGEAN DOLPHIN d) DOLPHIN e) AEGEAN DOLPHIN (1973) Dolphin (Hellas) Shipping, Greece, 11,563 grt, 420' x 65', 556 pass.
Known as Project NARCIS (New Architecture Information Systems), Schiphol Group's objectives are for each business unit to implement best-of-breed solutions that will, in turn, be integrated by Viewlocity's solutions.