NARCOMSNorth American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis
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NARCOMS used the Performance Scales [26] to assess symptoms except for pain, which was assessed by a single pain question [27] validated against the Pain Effects Scale [29].
In just one example of the research that NARCOMS is facilitating, Dr.
2 less (%) Female (%) 90 86 Race/ethnicity Caucasian 93 91 Previous use of 27 41 immunomodulator (%) Level of education Less than 12 Years (%) 1 0 High school diploma (%) 28 46 Associate degree (%) 26 27 Bachelor's degree (%) 22 18 Master's degree/doctorate (%) 23 9 Source of referral to the online study Invited by e-mail via NARCOMS or MS Watch 68 68 Postings on MS Web sites 9 9 MS Society Web sites (national 7 9 and chapters) & Newsletters Told by a friend 7 0 MS center nurse 6 14 Other 2 0 Individuals considered supportive of therapy Doctor 78 82 Spouse 65 50 Relative 51 36 Friend 44 50 Nurse 18 27 No one 16 9 Adult child 9 23 Other 7 32 Table 4.
Information related to the predictors of the specialized housing concerns of people with MS was gathered as part of a national survey involving extractions from selected NMSS Chapter databases and the NARCOMS registry database.
The CMSC's NARCOMS data reveal that patients are most likely to discontinue therapy in the first 6 months after initiation of treatment and that temporary worsening of symptoms and flu-like side effects are often cited as reasons for discontinuation (Vollmer, 2002).
Since the startup in 1998, NARCOMS has registered more than 17,000 people with MS.
Potential participants were identified from the NARCOMS Patient Registry database (n = 600) and the Shared Solutions MS patient support database (n = 600), and the data collection instruments were mailed to them.
The NARCOMS registry is a self-reported registry for people with MS.
To learn more about the CMSC, NARCOMS, and to register, visit mscare.
The Multiple Sclerosis Quarterly Report is a joint publication of United Spinal Association and the Consortium of MS Centers/ NARCOMS (North American Research Committee on MS).
According to the NARCOMS (North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis) patient registry, approximately 80 percent of people with MS experience some degree of walking impairment.
18]F]-Fluorodeoxyglucose, GUh = glucose uptake heterogeneity, IO = internal oblique, LB Ext = low-back extensor group, MASS = Modified Ashworth spasticity scale, MS = multiple sclerosis, NARCOMS = North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis, PDDS = Patient Determined Disease Steps, PET = positron emission tomography, QL = quadratus lumborum, RA = rectus abdominis, ROI = region of interest, SD = standard deviation, sEMG = surface electromyography, SUV = standardized uptake value, TA = transversus abdominis.