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NARFENational Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (formerly the National Association of Retired Federal Employees)
NARFENational Association of Retired Federal Employees (now the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association)
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Since at least 2007, when Sparks was hired, NARFE has offered its holiday loans based on the terms of the credit union's standard signature loans.
This partnership is significant due to the commitment NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union has made for its employees and members," said Davis.
The 10,600-member NARFE Premier currently is a Fiserv Galaxy customer and will become the 58th credit union using the suburban Detroit CUSO's data centers as its host for running on Symitar, MDT said.
One of the few places where you'll get a perspective on pensions sharply contrasting with that of lobbies like NARFE is on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, a boulevard lined with elegant law firms and elegant lobbying firms, but with some older, less upscale office buildings sprinkled in.
Martha's knowledge of the intricacies of competing inside the beltway's financial marketplace was one of several key factors in our board's decision," said Tressie Muldrow, chair of NARFE Premier Federal CU.
NARFE members Al and Marjorie Mikesell will talk about their adventures in the Sahara Desert during an eclipse and provide information about the National Naval Observatory.
Hunt Association, was a past president of NARFE Chapter 262 and served in the US Navy and US Air Force.
Members signing up for new accounts is just the beginning at NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union.
United Way representative and new NARFE member Judith Anderson will talk about how volunteering in a program or agency of your choice can benefit your personal health.
He was a member of the Greendale Retirement Club, the NARFE, and the St.
More than 250 acronyms begin with "national" - such as NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) and NARFE (National Association of Retired Federal Employees.