NARMCNorth Arkansas Regional Medical Center (Harrison, AR)
NARMCNorth Atlantic Regional Medical Command (US Army)
NARMCNational Association of Regional Media Centers
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Reebok passionately embraces the principles of NARMC and as a consequence, feels it must share responsibility in assisting to revitalize low-income communities throughout America.
Kimi Gray, chairperson, NARMC, stated, "We at NARMC look forward to producing some innovative programs and ventures through our emerging partnership with the Reebok Corporation.
Sandra Houlihan has been promoted to director of quality services at NARMC.
Once a hospital has joined, if a patient from JRMC ends up in the NARMC system, a doctor can quickly pull up that medical history electronically, reducing the time waiting on the records and possibly eliminating the need for some tests.
A grand opening ceremony was hosted in late April, and state inspectors are expected to grant approval for the facility to open soon, said Christy Hawkins, a spokeswoman for NARMC.
In 2000 and 2003, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations gave NARMC high marks after the hospital had gone more than 20 years without being accredited, Hill said.