NARMSNational Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System
NARMSNational Association for Retail Marketing Services (Wisconsin)
NARMSNorth American Rock Mechanics Symposium (conference)
NARMSNational Association for Retail Merchandising Services (now National Association for Retail Marketing Services; est. 1996)
NARMSNatural Resource Management by Self-Help Promotion (Germany)
NARMSNational Association of Rug Makers and Sculptors
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The 16th annual NARMS Spring Conference & Exposition is scheduled to take place at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, Calif, on April 9-12.
The NARMS animal component tests samples, or isolates, obtained from healthy on-farm animals, animals being diagnosed for illness, and food animals at slaughter.
enteritidis isolates from the 1996-2003 NARMS data sets showed decreased susceptibility to ciprofloxacin.
We thank our local and state public health partners for submitting typhoid and paratyphoid case report forms and NARMS laboratory personnel for isolate testing.
95 per year, these individuals will receive a subscription to NARMS Today; earn a member's discount on attendance at the annual NARMS Spring Conference April 4-7, 2009, in Colorado Springs, Colo.
The infrequent or passive sampling under NAHMS and NARMS has limited their capacity to make significant positive changes in the short term.
The new NARMScertifyU is an exciting new innovation for the retail service community that will bring quality and credibility to our industry," says Dan Borschke, President & CEO of NARMS.
NARMS is made up of individuals who have taken rug fabrication training from National Carpet Equipment Inc.
CHICAGO -- Mike Spindler, founder of Panther Mountain Consulting, CEO of ShelfSnap and seasoned executive in the CPG, Online, Retail and Information businesses, is conducting an engaging presentation for the NARMS Spring Conference.
Reports on increased prevalence of CTX-M enzymes among Enterobacteriaceae isolates in the United States prompted us to investigate CTX-M enzymes among NARMS NTS isolates collected from humans in 2007.
Because CLC's services extend to a wide variety of companies with construction crews, delivery drivers and field service teams, CLC also will attend the 2010 NARMS (National Association for Retail Marketing Services) Annual Conference April 17-20 in Tampa, Fla.
As the trade association for the best retail marketing service companies in the world, NARMS can help you find the company that fits your service merchandising needs.