NARMSNational Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System
NARMSNational Association for Retail Marketing Services (Wisconsin)
NARMSNorth American Rock Mechanics Symposium (conference)
NARMSNational Association for Retail Merchandising Services (now National Association for Retail Marketing Services; est. 1996)
NARMSNatural Resource Management by Self-Help Promotion (Germany)
NARMSNational Association of Rug Makers and Sculptors
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We used 2004-2012 data from NARMS, LEDS, and the US Census Bureau as input in the Bayesian hierarchical model (6,8,21).
NARMS helps protect public health by providing information about bacterial resistance, the ways in which resistance is spread, and how resistant infections differ from other infections.
The the Independent Food Brokers Association is a division of NARMS.
The 16th annual NARMS Spring Conference & Exposition is scheduled to take place at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, Calif, on April 9-12.
ICC/Decision Services isn't the only NARMS member company involved in social media.
The NARMS animal component tests samples, or isolates, obtained from healthy on-farm animals, animals being diagnosed for illness, and food animals at slaughter.
enteritidis isolates from the 1996-2003 NARMS data sets showed decreased susceptibility to ciprofloxacin.
NARMS measures the resistance of certain gastrointestinal bacteria (campylobacter, salmonella, E.
NARMS (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR RETAIL MARKETING SERVICES) has changed its by-laws to allow for individual memberships.
The move allows NARMS to work with a group of corporate executives who link the university's academic programs with the retail industry.
NARMS monitors changes in antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in zoonotic bacteria (those that can transmit diseases from lower animals to humans) and in commensal bacteria (those that live within livestock or humans without making them sick).
bds mktg worked closely with NARMS to build the learning platform, create certification content and develop the infrastructure and reporting system.