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NARNNorthern Alliance Radio Network (talk show)
NARNNorthwest Animal Rights Network
NARNNorthwest Anthropological Research Notes (journal)
NARNNative American Resource Network (est. 1987)
NARNNot Alone Right Now
NARNNational Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
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Major organization : ALCALDA DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE NARN (P1505500G)
Of these, we have a Boonwurrung story that describes Narn as a mountain range lying north-east of Western Port, where a strange animal lived named Wil-won-der-rer, an animal resembling a human being in form, but with a hard body like stone (Smyth 1878:vol.
Pico della Mirandola, 270: "Rationalis animus caelum dicitur; narn et caelum animal a se ipso moto vocat Aristoteles, et animus noster (ut probant Platonici) substantia est se ipsam movens.
Yamada C, Oyunchimeg D, Erdenbat A, Enkhtuya P, Buttumur D, Narn G, Umenai T.
She has just been commissioned to write a short story on Narn for the magazine.
For instance, in Kien van tieu luc (A small record of things seen and heard), Le Quy Don (1726-84) observed that the LNCQ adapted stories from the Song-era Tai Quy Ky by Truong Quan Phong and from the Yuan-era Narn Hai Co Tich Ky by Ngo Lai.
Contemporary to VSL were Ho Tong Thoc's works (Viet Narn the chi and Viet su cuong muc).
7 On which space station would you find the Centauri, Minbari and narn races?
Ac mi fydd Bleddyn yn gofyn i Bethan gymryd rhan y ferch yn narn Llew ar gyfer y radio.
Meddai Karl Jenkins: "Mae'n fraint fawr i gael fy ngofyn i ddod i'r Eisteddfod ond y brif wefr yw gallu clywed fy narn Dewi Sant yn cael ei berfformio.
West's skewed observation might have been understandable if until 2007 Narn i Chin Hurin had existed only in the form of its original obscure epic poem or as a random series of notes known only to the most devoted disciples of the Tolkienian mythos, but a rough prose version is to be found in Unfinished Tales, first published in 1980 by Tolkien's literary executor and youngest son, Christopher.
The NARN, funded by BTS and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), is an enhanced spatial data set that brings together the previous FRA network, data from the FRA Automated Track Inspection Program, and other government data sources into a single rail network.