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NARONational Association of Royalty Owners
NARONational Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization (Tsukuba, Japan)
NARONuclear Accident Response Organisation
NARONuri Alco Revival Organization (band)
NARONational Agricultural Research Organisation of Uganda
NARONorth Africa Regional Office (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
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Os exemplos dados pelos autores (SCHERRE; NARO, 1998) estao ilustrados abaixo.
10) OpNA= Oposicao nao acentuada; OpA = Oposicao acentuada (SCHERRE; NARO, 1998).
He added: 'The NARO is a third of the weight of a typical saloon car, occupies a third of the space and uses less than half the fuel and will be capable of 100mpg, making it an attractive cost-effective proposition.
The idea has received funding through the Welsh Development Agency to research the feasibility of the NARO.
Andrew Davies, economic development minister, said: 'The NARO car is an exciting concept.
We are confident there will be market demand for cars like the NARO, particularly in our cities,' said Mr Kemp.
The NARO is a third of the weight of a typical saloon car, occupies a third of the space of a conventional car and uses less than half the fuel.
As traffic congestion increases and fuel costs rise, I think vehicles like NARO could soon become a familiar sight on our city roads and, who knows, you may soon be hailing one of these rather than a black cab.
The search is underway for financial backers to help launch the NARO in 2008, with plans to produce 1,500 a year in Wales.
NARO has represented royalty owners for over twenty years.
NARO designated Austin as its host city again in 2003.