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NARONational Association of Royalty Owners
NARONational Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization (Tsukuba, Japan)
NARONuclear Accident Response Organisation
NARONuri Alco Revival Organization (band)
NARONational Agricultural Research Organisation of Uganda
NARONorth Africa Regional Office (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
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As traffic congestion increases and fuel costs rise, I think vehicles like NARO could soon become a familiar sight on our city roads and, who knows, you may soon be hailing one of these rather than a black cab.
Mr Kemp said that he would be looking for financial backers in order to launch the NARO in 2008 with plans to produce 1,500 cars a year in South Wales.
NARO has resolved to commit effort and resources to informing and educating State government officials, royalty owners, independent producers and the general public about the possible need for legislative or regulatory remedies to the problem," noted Jerry Simmons, executive director of the Oklahoma City-based organization.
NARO has represented royalty owners for over twenty years.
The Railroad Commission has 60 days from the time of filing to accept, reject or amend the petition that, in the opinion of many NARO leaders, could have far-reaching implications across the entire oilpatch.
Stafford stated that the NARO 29-member board of governors meeting this past weekend in Dallas applauded self-imposed restraints adopted by OPEC and several other major producing countries but urged the SDO petition be widely supported so the U.
They are both petroleum professionals who will bring new perspectives to NARO.
Energy from all hydrocarbon sources account for 80 percent of what makes our world go and oil accounts for 38 percent of all energy used, he told NARO delegates, which represent the 4.
The Guardian recalled that the Turkish government, which it said was playing an increasingly important regional role and had the second largest armed forces within NARO, has been at the centre of the argument within the alliance over Libya, publicly clashing with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Eye Safety Systems (ESS) Interchangeable Component Eyeshield (ICE) comes in two sizes: ESS ICE 2 is the regular size; ESS ICE NARO is the small size.
How they will respond to the appropriately named NARO Car (www.