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NARPNational Association of Railroad Passengers
NARPNBMA (Non-Broadcast, Multi-Access) Address Resolution Protocol
NARPNational Association of Retired Persons
NARPNational Agricultural Research Project (India)
NARPNordic Arctic Research Programme
NARPNeuropathy, Ataxia and Retinitis Pigmentosa
NARPNorth American Rescue Products, Inc.
NARPNorth American Reading Program (of the OED)
NARPNorth Africa Regional Program
NARPNational Asia Research Program
NARPNuclear Weapons Accident Response Procedures
NARPNuclear Accident Response Procedures
NARPNeurobehavioural Assessment and Rehabilitation Program
NARPNative American Re-Entry Program
NARPNorthern Alberta Renal Program (Alberta, Canada)
NARPNo Apparent Reason Party
NARPNorthern Appalachian Restoration Project
NARPNon-Athlete Regular Person
NARPNot a Real Person
NARPNon-Athletic Regular People
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The two million Canadians, who participate in the NARP recognize the value of diverting this valuable resource into safe, environmental responsible programs.
The home peritoneal dialysis unit in NARP is a predominantly adult PD program, which also cares for pediatric patients.
Blazing New Trails": Celebrating our Initiatives at NARP
Three patients with complex V deficiency (Leigh/ NARP T8993G/C mutation in the MT-ATP6 gene) showed a decreased oxidation rate in incubation 1, decreased ATP production, decreased oxidation rate in incubation 6 in patients 24 and 26, and an increased incubation 4/incubation 1 ratio in patients 25 and 26.
With this proven strategy, NARP Scrap Purchasing has been able to sustain our scrap purchasing requirements in a highly dynamic and changing marketplace.
Oxygen systems on the bus were uniquely designed by renal technologists within the NARP.
It therefore eliminates the need to synthesize expensive fluorescent probes and can be easily expanded for the analysis of other common mtDNA mutations, such as A8344G for the MERRF (myoclonic epilepsy and ragged red fiber) syndrome, T8993G and T8993C for NARP (neuropathy, ataxia, and retinitis pigmentosa) syndrome, and the detection of homoplasmic LHON (Leber hereditary optic neuropathy) mutations.
An oral PowerPoint presentation by the Northern Alberta Renal Program (NARP) technical support group will describe the NARP program and will introduce their first Mobile Dialysis Unit, deployed on January 18, 2008.
Energy investment capital and expertise together with the abundance of our natural resources have the potential to create long-term financial sovereignty for the Tribes while providing a great investment opportunity for NARP and Quantum.
The "Anemia Protocol" was adopted in 2004 in three satellite dialysis units of NARP.
1, panel C), followed by the T8993G/C NARP mutation (Fig.