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NARSENational Association of Retired Sears Employees
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For he that cannot possibly mend his own case, will do what he can, to impair another's; except these defects light upon a very brave, and heroical nature, which thinketh to make his natural wants part of his honor; in that it should be said, that an eunuch, or a lame man, did such great matters; affecting the honor of a miracle; as it was in Narses the eunuch, and Agesilaus and Tamberlanes, that were lame men.
Los armenios recibieron ayuda cultural del mismo Narses de Persia y tendrian incluso otra influencia debida a la cultura bizantina.
53 Using Agnellus, 322, Biondo, 89, was able to date the arrival of Narses in Ravenna (552) at the end of July.
On the east and south faces of the north pier, events from the victorious campaign against the Persian king Narses in A.
In the West his generals Belisarius and Narses destroyed the Vandal kingdom in Africa and defeated the Ostrogoths in Italy, retaking Rome in 536.