NASACNetwork of African Science Academies (Kenya)
NASACNational Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators
NASACNative American Students at Cornell (Ithaca, NY)
NASACNorthwest Association of Schools and Colleges
NASACNorthern Area Substance Abuse Council (Nevada)
NASACNational Software and Application Conference
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The accreditation process under NASAC will involve "a more concentrated evaluation of courses and course content," Osborn says.
When Kennealley, whose department's master's program already has received a NASAC review and a renewal for accreditation, looks at the popularity of her school's programs now and thinks about where they were years ago, she senses, "Those other [licensed] professionals that raised the issue before probably had a point.
While higher education has the HLC, NASAC will be the professional accrediting body for addiction studies programs.