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NASBANational Association of State Boards of Accountancy
NASBANucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification (assay used to detect HIV viral load in blood plasma)
NASBANational Association of Small Business Accountants (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy)
NASBANorth American System Builders Association (trade association)
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Since the third edition of the UAA provided CPAs with extensive professional latitude, we in NASBA believed that tremendous opportunities lay ahead for global expansion of the CPA.
1998, the leadership of both the AICPA and NASBA committed to making it a quick reality.
NASBA is a Tennessee-based, private nonprofit organization to which current and former members of regulatory boards belong.
Bishop, executive director of the Missouri state board, said that in October NASBA will begin testing a national database containing information on candidates applying to take the computerized uniform CPA examination.
While in New York late last year, NASBA Chair John B.
Clyde added, "Once the standards are accepted by the AICPA and NASBA, they would be effective as far as the AICPA membership is concerned, but CPAs are also bound by their respective state boards of accountancy.
Rubin has been a NASBA board member for six years and has served as director at large; Pacific Regional Director; chair of the Strategic Initiatives Committee; and for the past three years, chair of the CPA Examination Committee.
Noel Allen, NASBA legal counsel, advised the boards, for the present, to assess the alternative business structures in their states in terms of the following state laws: the accountancy act and rules, the professional corporations act, partnership laws, the general business corporation act and the limited liability corporation and limited liability practice act.
Again, both the AICPA and NASBA representatives felt these rules make the most sense in today's practice environment.
NASBA is calling on all states to implement these guidelines.
Leathers, CPA, PhD, who analyzed the exam results for NASBA surmised that candidates' haste to take the 1997 exam before all the jurisdictions implemented the 150-hour educational requirement caused the poor performance.