NASBENational Association of State Boards of Education
NASBENational Association of Supervisors of Business Education (Little Rock, AR)
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We are thrilled to be in partnership with NASBE on The State Education Standard, not only because it highlights our critical work in schools, but because of the need for the on-going conversation on social and emotional learning for all students," said Special Olympics Chairman and CEO Dr.
States can also reward schools that put all students in regular classrooms and make the system work, NASBE says.
Thirty-one states allow parents to remove students from classes, or have an opt-out policy; three states require active parental permission, or opt-in policies, for classes that discuss certain sexual issues; and three states have variations of the two, according to NASBE.
Adoption of the Common Core by state boards was relatively easy compared to the work being done now in states," said NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson.
There is a growing body of research telling us that children who are obese have greater absentee rates and lower academic achievement, along with all the other health complications," said NASBE Executive Director Brenda Welburn.
These resources provide states with the means and opportunity to drive innovation in education and deliver the programs that will best serve all of our nation's K-12 students," said NASBE Executive Director Brenda Welburn.
The greatest innovations in public education these days come from the states, and most effectively from states that have strong state boards and state chiefs who work in tandem with those boards," said NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson.
The NASBE Leadership Website is a resource rich clearinghouse for anyone interested in cultivating educational leaders.
It is hard to imagine someone more deserving of this award than Brenda," said NASBE President Patrick Guida.
The NASBE (National Association of State Boards of Education) admitted in their policy update of September 2012, that "arguments against requiring handwriting instruction - cursive, in particular - are based on what might be called 'common sense logic' rather than on research.
Hovis, a member of the State Board of Education of Ohio, presented the findings and recommendations of a year-long study NASBE commissioned about Americans' fiscal condition and the status of financial education in K-12 schools.
Amundson, presently the Senior Vice President for External Affairs at the nonpartisan education think tank Education Sector, starts her tenure at NASBE July 8.