NASDSENational Association of State Directors of Special Education
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NASDSE suggests parents contact the following people in the order listed if they are having a problem with their child's education: (1) the child's teacher; (2) the special education director in the school; and (3) the district's special education coordinator.
Brown-Chidsey and Steege (2005) write that RTI's core features are high-quality instruction, frequent assessment, and data-based decision making, yet NASDSE (2006) describe its core features as multiple tires of intervention, a problem-solving orientation, and the use of an integrated data collection system.
George, who coordinated the event, says that what surprised and impressed him most about the facility was the "we'll do anything for you" service NASDSE received during its intense weekend meeting.
NASDSE, 2006) while, on the other hand, the goal is to redefine SLD through operationalizing RTI procedures (Vaughn & L.
NASDSE, CASE, and others downplay the fact that RTI springs from IDEA 2004 because of a fear that disability identification will become the proverbial "tail that wags the dog.
Section II: Part C Program Implementation Resources, contains: (1) States' Part C Rules, Regulations and Policies: On-line Resources; (2) Part C Technical Assistance: State Approaches (Project Forum at NASDSE, May 2007); (3) Why Young Children Enter Early Intervention Services (FPG Snapshot, January 2007); (4) Public Awareness and Child Find Activities in Part C Early Intervention Programs by Dunst, C.
Besides the NASDSE guidelines, attendees receive resource information on assessment for these students and other topics.
The 1997 Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act specifies that students who are referred to an alternative educational setting or who are suspended from school must have a functional behavioral assessment and behavior implementation plan developed by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team within 10 days of placement (Maloney, 1997; NASDSE, 1997).
Ordering information can be found on the NASDSE Web site at www.
Establish oversight agencies to honor the spirits of IDEA, NASDSE, and COED.
NASDSE suggests parents and caregivers contact the following people in the order listed if they are having a problem with their child's education: (1)the child's teacher; (2)the school principal; (3)the district's special education coordinator; (4)the district superintendent; and (5)the state education agency.
us) or Martha Fields, NASDSE, 1800 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, VA 22314.