NASHANon-Animal, Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (trademark of Q-Med AB; Uppsala, Sweden)
NASHANational Association for Speech and Hearing Action (Rockville, MD)
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It is injected into joints affected by osteoarthritis to relieve pain, restore lubrication and cushioning which improves joint function and helps to restore quality of life, using patented NASHA technology.
Samples of skin injected with NASHA demonstrated evidence of increased newly created type I collagen, especially in the areas surrounding the filler," explained Dr.
Sachs believes that other skin fillers likely would demonstrate a similar mechanism of action as NASHA.
The benefits of NASHA are that it binds to water in the body, keeping the skin plump and elastic; it seldom causes allergic reactions, allowing same-day treatment; and the results last anywhere from six month to a year.
Even though the promotions of NASHA make the audience's expectation meter soar really high, expecting more of skin show in the process, director Amit Saxena serves an emotional tale instead of padding the narrative with steamy sequences.