NASHCONational Shipping Company
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We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with NASHCO and in working with each CO-OP to develop valuable programs that help them to grow and remain a successful component of our healthcare system.
With most products carrying a Contingency Model (no savings, no fees) and its National Radiology Network which involves no fees what-so-ever, Relevant is also able to offer NASHCO risk-free solutions that also include complimentary savings analysis and an extremely measurable ROI.
Organizations must apply to receive these funds, and that's what the 35 CO-OPs represented at the NASHCO event were in the process of doing.
One of the speakers at the NASHCO event was Adam Schwartz, a consultant who works with cooperatives in a number of different industries.
The CO-OPs funded by HHS so far are all members of NASHCO, and most of the CO-OP projects under way across the United States are active in NASHCO, as well, Morrison says.
Nashcos team of certified ServiceNow professionals in Canada brings a strong track record and exceptional skills that will help our clients meet the challenges of digital transformation.