NASHCONational Shipping Company
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With most products carrying a Contingency Model (no savings, no fees) and its National Radiology Network which involves no fees what-so-ever, Relevant is also able to offer NASHCO risk-free solutions that also include complimentary savings analysis and an extremely measurable ROI.
One of the speakers at the NASHCO event was Adam Schwartz, a consultant who works with cooperatives in a number of different industries.
And through NASHCO, that's exactly what they're doing.
If only one of the CO-OP members voices an objection to the nomination, the company will not be awarded our NASHCO Preferred Vendor status.
We look to Certifi for this key part of the Arches delivery system and know that other NASHCO health Plan CO-OPs would benefit greatly from moving to the Certifi billing, payment management, and accounting system.
NASHCO is composed of dedicated teams of volunteers throughout the nation seeking to establish a new way of accessing care using the cooperative governance model.
Morrison said NASHCO will continue to be "a resource for CO-OPs as they provide more choice and affordability in the health insurance market.
In addition, NASHCO will hold its second annual conference in Washington, D.
We at NASHCO are extremely grateful to all of the participants and speakers who made our inaugural conference a success," NASHCO chair John Morrison said.
NASHCO was formed to assist in the implementation of CO-OPs that are forming around the country.