NASHPNational Academy for State Health Policy
NASHPNew Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc. (Tucson, AZ)
NASHPNational Association of Senior Health Professionals
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Jill Rosenthal, who co-authored the NASHP report, says only seven of the 22 states with mandatory reporting systems release information about specific incidents and where they took place.
In February 1993, three States-Minnesota, Washington, and Ohio-entered into a 2-year NASHP demonstration funded by the Henry J.
Alan Weil, NASHP executive director, said, "As the health care policy landscape continues to evolve, NASHP will help states manage the changes and challenges they are facing.
The NASHP conference will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel.
HCFA's Medicaid Bureau staff initiated QARI by authorizing NASHP to convene a work group of medical directors from managed-care plans in order to evaluate a compilation of existing quality standards and propose a uniform set of guidelines for managed-care plans contracting with the Medicaid program.
In addition, we participated in monthly conference calls with the State QARI staff convened by NASHP.
The NASHP report revealed higher levels of satisfaction among currently rather than formerly enrolled persons, suggesting that dissatisfied families were less likely to remain in SCHIP.