NATAFNorthwest African Tactical Air Force
NATAFNational AIDS Treatment Advocates Forum
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11) NATAF aircraft were used extensively for interdiction prior to the main assault.
The commander for all tactical aviation from NATAF for Avalanche, Major General Edwin House, was not tasked with supporting any operations until D-Day.
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NATAF will bring together individuals from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Eastern Europe to learn about the latest HIV/AIDS research and treatment options, build advocacy skills and promote collaboration among the North American countries.
NATAF is designed to educate individuals interested in becoming HIV/AIDS advocates and educators; to enhance their skills and knowledge; and to develop inclusive, national strategies to ensure the continuity and success of the treatment advocacy movement.
NATAF 2001 is highlighted by 40 educational workshops over three days.
The second volume of Rabbi Francis Natafs exploration of the Bible is filled with insights and is a fresh take on an ancient text.
Themes like the Revelation at Sinai, Hebrew Law, and the Golden Calf are not discussed, leaving us hungry for Natafs analysis and exploration of these seminal issues sorely missing from any exploration of the text and meaning of Exodus.