NATAPNational AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project
NATAPNorth American Trade Automation Prototype
NATAPNational Assistive Technology Advocacy Project (US Department of Education)
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For information regarding upcoming trainings or if you would like NATAP to visit your city; feel free to check us out on the web.
Jules is the writer and publisher of the well recognized NATAP Reports newsletter and the NATAP web site, URL address http://:www.
and treatment information specialists Jules Levin of NATAP, George Carter of FIAR, and John S.
The demonstration will show how NATAP could simplify data
Besides coverage of the Barcelona conference, NATAP also has reports from the XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, July 2-5, 2002, in Seville, Spain.
If you don't know what I do, NATAP provides up-to-date HIV and hepatitis treatment information and education through our website at natap.