NATCANational Air Traffic Controllers Association
NATCANational Association of TAFE Councils & Associates
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He served as the NATCA Weather Liaison from 2002 -- 2004 and continues to advocate for the introduction of enhanced weather predictability and information systems into air traffic management operations.
In contrast, staffing hit a peak in January 2004, when 46 certified controllers and three trainees worked at the LAX tower, according to NATCA.
NATCA open to discussion on ATC privatization Some stakeholders are having discussions on privatizing air-traffic control functions because of recent budget cuts and concerns over funding NextGen, according to the General Accountability Office.
Of the 69 air traffic control towers the government is considering turning over to private contractors, 11 are among the nation's 50 busiest, according to the NATCA.
USAPA supports the fellow union members at NATCA as they advocate for the highest standards of professionalism and work with the FAA to reduce the effects of fatigue.
for the Houston metroplex airspace redesign, in collaboration with the FAA, NATCA and other stakeholders.
Previously the control tower was operating with 14 certified professional controllers (CPCs) but this was reduced to six following changes in work rules from the US Federal Aviation Administration, NATCA claimed.
We congratulate NATCA upon securing a new collective bargaining agreement after three years of protracted negotiations with the FAA," said APA President Captain Lloyd Hill.
At the same NATCA conference, Raytheon is exhibiting an FAA-approved design of the latest variant of the automation platform known as the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System, or STARS.
The opportunity to sit face to face with union leaders from around the world and share information about what has proven effective in past negotiations is truly invaluable," said NATCA President Patrick Forrey.
Said Trish Gilbert, NATCA executive vice president, "One of the many challenges of collaboration is ensuring that field facilities are educated on the principles of a more collaborative process, through all levels and at all facilities.
The facility was also put on ATC Alert indefinitely by an FAA manager, indicating that the Fort Worth Center could assume the Monroe airspace at any given time due to staffing, NATCA said.