NATDNational Association of Test Directors
NATDNetwork Address Translation Daemon
NATDNorth American Association of Telecommunications Dealers
NATDNational Association of Teachers of Dance (UK)
NATDNorth American Tool & Die (Welland, Ontario, Canada)
NATDNational Association of Trainers and Developers
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National Aeronautics and Space Administration ("NASA") Society of Automotive Engineers ("SEA") Department of Defense ("DOD") Department of Commerce World Data Products ASCDI & NATD
Founded by insurance, financial and transportation professionals, the NATD has in place the staff, resources and experience needed to ensure its success.
Joe Marion has challenged the NATD and ASCDI communities to "get to work.
Delegates and Utility professionals are encouraged to check the NATD web site for the latest updates.
IF a shareholder owns 1000 shares of NATD or AECC common stock, the shareholder will be issued 250 new shares of AE.
Broes stated that they are positioning NATD to become a major provider of digital diagnostic services that will be able to be linked to all of its clients worldwide over AESI's Community Health Information Utility called "CyberCareNet.
NATD operates multiple diagnostics centers and mobile
AESI and NATD Management, in Concert With Their Investment
AESI and NATD Management, in concert with their investment advisors, have prepared a revised merger strategy with no valuation change, but one that provides a better operating and growth vehicle for the combined companies.