NATFNorth American Thrombosis Forum (Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts)
NATFNational Audio Theatre Festivals, Inc. (Hempstead, NY)
NATFNaval Air Test Facility
NATFNavy Advanced Tactical Fighter
NATFNative Animal Trust Fund Inc. (Australia)
NATFNational Antiquities and Treasures Foundation (Marshall, TX)
NATFNorth Atlantic Financial Corporation
NATFNorth American Tasks Forces (Marshall, TX)
NATFNational Apprenticeship and Training Fund
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Bounty, land warrant applications, ordered on NATF Form 85, apply only from the Revolutionary War to 1855.
Pension applications, also ordered on NATF Form 85, are available for all service branches in the pre-World War I timeframe.
Also, the back of NATF Form 85 lists addresses for state archives with Confederate pension records.
In addition, awardees will be recognized among their peers and presented with a commemorative plaque during the NATF Annual Thrombosis Prevention Forum in Boston, Massachusetts, on the evening of April 28, 2011.
An independent panel of three judges selected by NATF evaluated the nominations submitted by hospitals.
Stocks that contributed negatively included PAKT that shed 28 points, MCB 21 points, ABOT 13 points, HUBC 10 points and NATF that took away 9 points from the index.
8 per cent) and NATF (-5 per cent) lagged behind and withheld 80 points.
NATF and Eisai established the DVTeamCare Hospital Award to showcase hospitals that have successfully developed and implemented primary and secondary DVT prophylaxis programs in oncology, general or orthopedic surgery, or major trauma, to name a few.
The winning hospitals, which will be announced in January 2011, will be selected from the nominee pool by an independent panel of three judges selected by NATF.
Stocks including HBL (-4 percent WoW), KAPCO (-14 percent), SNGP (-13 percent), UBL (-4 percent) and PSO (-7 percent) held 404pts from the index, while PPL (+4 percent), NESTLE (+11 percent), PAKT (+6 percent), NATF (+10 percent) and DAWH (+2 percent) added 188pts.
Stocks including HBL (-4 per cent week on week basis), KAPCO (-14 per cent), SNGP (-13 per cent), UBL (-4 per cent) and PSO (-7 per cent) held 404 points from the index, while PPL (+4 per cent), NESTLE (+11 per cent), PAKT (+6 per cent), NATF (+10 per cent) and DAWH (+2 per cent) added 188 points.