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NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (Brussels, Belgium)
NATONo Action, Talk Only
NATONight At the Opera (Queen album)
NATONational Association of Tobacco Outlets
NATONorth African Theater of Operations
NATONewcastle and Tyneside Orienteers (sports club, NE England)
NATONorth American Turbocoupe Organization (Ford Thunderbird Turbocoupes)
NATONot Another Teen Organization (gaming)
NATONational Association of Theatre Owners, Inc. (Washington, DC)
NATONational Association of Timeshare Owners
NATONational Association of Taxicab Owners
NATONorth American Tournament Organization (gaming)
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NATO as the military bloc of west successfully completed this mission and prevented any danger to national security of member states.
The event was dedicated to the opening of the NATO Summit in Wales and organised by the Office of the NATO Liaison Officer in Central Asia and the British and Italian Embassies in Tashkent together with UWED.
In a report, the panel made the observation that NATO looks ill-prepared to face the Russian threat against NATO member states.
Regarding Pakistan, he said that Pakistan should go to Brussels, speak to NATO and make its presences in shaping NATO agenda, and engage with NATO.
In Chicago, the President will address the Expanded ISAF Meeting of NATO and also meet various Heads of State and Government on the margins of the NATO Summit, the Foreign Ministry said.
John Allen, Commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan updated NATO and ISAF Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) on the progress of the transition process.
Another key item from the Lisbon Summit was the commitment to undertake the largest reorganization of NATO command structures to date.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Germany was a strong ally, and thanked the country for its contributions to Afghanistan and Kosovo.
In the lead-up to the war in Iraq, with the NATO allies sorely divided over whether to provide defensive measures to protect Turkey in the event that Iraq decided to attack, then US Ambassador to NATO, Nicholas Burns, referred to the political differences at NATO as a "crisis of credibility.
But things were changing, and I could see those changes in all the NATO meetings I now started attending, first as military assistant to a great man, Secretary of Defense Cap Weinberger, in the early 80s.
An essay by then-Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth published shortly after the NATO bombing began ("Our Illegal War," April 26, 1999) offered a similar timely warning: "Bill Clinton has committed America's military might to the support of bin Laden's Balkan allies, and the policy of the Clinton Administration seeks the creation of a Balkan outpost for bin Laden's terrorist network.