NATOANational Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors
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Both partnered with NATOA and Lethbridge College to provide funding to develop the program.
About NATOA NATOA is a national trade association representing local government jurisdictions and consortiums, including elected and appointed officials and staff, who oversee communications policies and services in local governments throughout the country.
If passed in its current form, House Bill 6456 (H-2) would drastically cut funding to Michigan communities and could eliminate local cable access community television programming, warns PROTEC, the Michigan Coalition to Protect Public Rights-of- Way, the Michigan chapters of NATOA, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors and the Alliance for Community Media.
The joint meeting gave committee members an opportunity to discuss policy and advocacy efforts as a group and utilize the expertise of NATOA members and conference speakers.
NATOA and USTA also complain that Cox has failed to pay into the Universal Service Fund; has not obtained the necessary certificates required under Section 253; and has not interconnected nor made its facilities available to others under Section 251.
The lobbying effort paired local elected officials with NATOA members, who are often the municipal officers that oversee communications operations and administration at the local government level.
The briefing will also include a presentation of the papers by Phoenix Center Chief Economist George Ford with a panel discussion thereafter with Rick Cimerman of NCTA, Libby Beaty, Executive Director of NATOA, and Phoenix Center Resident Scholar Thomas Koutsky.
Countries taking part in the exercise areA Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada,A Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia,A Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania,A Spain, and the United States, as well as NATOA representatives.
In additional to joining NATOA members in a Capitol Hill Lobby Day on telecommunications issues, members will also focus on local government authority over video franchising.
Libby Beaty, executive director of NATOA and a member of the Alliance, said, "Of course we are terribly concerned with the denial by the Court.
Libby Beaty, executive director of NATOA and a member of the Alliance, said that, "Local governments have been upfront about their willingness to fight these decisions.
Committee members also participated in a NATOA panel session titled "Local Government's Role in an IP Enabled Era.