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NATOPSNaval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NATOPSNaval Aviation Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NATOPSNaval Air Training & Operating Procedure & Standard
NATOPSNot Applicable To Our Present Situation
NATOPSNot Applicable to Old Pilots :-)
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Of course, at the cost of a sub-hunting tanker, the NATOPS reads a little more clearly now.
A NATOPS change recommendation was submitted to the AV-8B model manger.
Eventually they led to what is known today as NATOPS, Naval Aviation Training and Operations Procedures Standardization.
In these success stories, the involved aircrew did follow NATOPS, SOPs, and exercised good airmanship (including ORM and CRM).
The pilot executed his NATOPS immediate action items and initiated a waveoff.
AE1 started executing the emergency NATOPS procedures by quickly scanning the engine instruments, which were all in the normal range, and securing the air conditioning system.
According to the E-2D NATOPS approach and landing checklist, APR should be turned off.
This pilot had a serious case of "Get Home-itis" and decided to ignore both NATOPS and his air crewman.
For example, we preflight aircraft according to NATOPS procedures.
The next five minutes would test everything I had learned throughout training about CRM and NATOPS.
Following the series' established format, this book includes lots of photos, mostly black and white (except for the two outside covers), as well as a number of NATOPS and maintenance manual pages and brief descriptions of each squadron.
Also, NATOPS says to run engines for a minimum of five minutes before moving any control surfaces; this will limit damage to hydraulic lines and seals.