NATSISNational Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey (Australia)
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These studies have mostly been based on the 1994 NATSIS, 2002 NATSISS and census data.
The estimate of the number of CDEP participants from the 1994 NATSIS and 2008 NATSISS differ from the administrative data because of the differences in method of producing the estimate (for example, social survey and administrative data).
Source: 1994 NATSIS and 2008 NATSISS data (accessed via ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL)).
The NATSISS 2008 data indicates that two-thirds of CDEP participants considered their job to be permanent.
This analysis extends and updates estimates of the associations between labour force status and wellbeing using the 2002 NATSISS (Hunter 2009).
Appendix Table A1: Summary statistics for logistic regression (%), NATSISS 2008 Dependent variables Variable Description Mean Standard deviation Arrested Arrested in the previous 5 16.
2012) 'The Indigenous hybrid economy: Can the NATSISS adequately recognise difference?