NATSSNational Association of Temporary and Staffing Services
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Lenz, Dispelling the Myth, supra note 66, at 764 (citing an unpublished Industry Training Survey conducted for NATSS showing that temporary workers who work on multiple assignments receive higher wages than on their previous assignment).
The employment process is fraught with legal land mines," warns a NATSS pamphlet.
We have a very strong position on this," says NATSS spokesperson Bruce Steinberg.
NATSS likes to say that the industry offers workers a "bridge to full-time employment.
Figure 1 shows total employment in the personnel supply industry and its principal components: employment agencies (SIC 7361) as tracked by the BLS, and temporary help supply firms as tracked by the BLS until 1989 and NATSS thereafter.
While little information is publicly available on temporary firm markup rates, NATSS reports that total temporary supply firm receipts are approximately 50 percent more than their total payroll, suggesting that the average markup is approximately 50 percent.
In a 1993 NATSS survey, more than one-third of temporary workers reported being offered full-time employment by a firm for which they had worked on assignment.
This dynamic leader has made untold contributions to our industry over the years," said Sam Sacco, NATSS Executive Vice President.
In the second quarter of 1996, NATSS reported that average daily industry employment stood at approximately 2.
Sacco, executive vice president of NATSS, an Alexandria, VA-based trade association that represents temporary help and staffing services.
In addition, Briggs will receive two round-trip airline tickets courtesy of NATSS.