NATTNational Alliance for Thrombosis and Thrombophilia (Washington, DC)
NATTNorth American Table Tennis (Colorado Springs, CO)
NATTNatchez Trace National Scenic Trail (US National Park Service)
NATTNorthern Australia Tropical Transect
NATTNorthwest Alliance for Transportation Technologies
NATTNot At This Time
NATTNovice At Table Tennis
NATTNorth American Tillage Tool Company (Canada and France)
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INCIDENTS: A 15-month-old baby became entangled in the TASSA NATT lamp's cord and nearly strangled.
This big change in capability is planned to happen over the next two years, making the NATT a busy place for the foreseeable future.
There was a collective realization by the African countries' delegates that tobacco was, after all, not benefiting the economies of the poor African countries, while at the same time the tobacco industry was increasingly focusing on Africa for their future market," agrees Muyunda Ililonga, executive secretary of the Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) and also a member of the NATT Steering Committee.
Custom-designed training programs have been integrated into the company's slate of offerings for several years, but most recently NATT has developed a division to focus on niche training in the commercial sector.
NATT also says that, as a benefit to teachers, they will provide familiarization trips and site inspection visits to popular tourist destinations.
The NATT scholarship has given UTI students seeking advanced training the additional resources to advance their careers with the opportunity to work at Nissan," said Veronica Meury, UTI Foundation Vice President and Executive Director.
The NATT scholarship program has been a tremendous help to UTI students seeking advanced training and gives students the additional resources to achieve their dream of working for Nissan.
The NATT program helps deserving UTI students achieve their dream of a career as an automotive technician at a Nissan/Infiniti dealership after graduation.
According to NATT members, substantive work to advance implementation and further develop the mechanisms for maximum treaty enforcement is urgent.
NATT members attending COP1 include Consumer Information Network, ConsumerVOICE, Corporate Accountability International, Environmental Rights Action, Indian Society Against Smoking, and Zambia Consumers Association.
Committed to preventing and treating the array of major health problems caused by blood clots, NATT is quickly being recognized as the premier community-based non-profit organization dedicated to prevention and treatment issues in thrombosis and thrombophilia in the United States.
According to NATT members, in order for the next phase of the treaty to be successful, it is critical that African countries are strongly represented at the first COP in February 2006, where important decisions about the future of the treaty, including funding, will be made.