NATTCNaval Air Technical Training Center
NATTCNaval Air Technical Training Command (US Navy)
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The culture at NATTC is designed to teach technical proficiency in aviation, but also to teach the fundamentals of being a Sailor.
Ground and aviation support are the two resonating themes taught at NATTC.
In addition to the catapult launch trainer, the first of six electronic aviation classrooms at NATTC was recently opened and ready to accept 11 students for instruction in visual landing aids (VLAs).
We give instruction in these VLAs to pilots and LSOs so that they can safely execute landings aboard aircraft carriers at sea," NATTC instructor IC1 Thomas Murdock said.
With the newly installed trainer at NATTC, Sailors will soon be feeling even more heat.
When we first lit off the old JP-5 trainer here, residents were calling, as well as the news services, asking if a plane had crashed," said Joy White, director of public relations for NATTC.