NAUBNational Association of Urban Bankers
NAUBNational Association of Unicorn Believers (t-shirt)
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Whiteman of the NAUB took a master's in civil engineering from Columbia, and started his career in that field before switching.
He also recommends that once young bankers have found their first job, they join trade groups such as the NAUB where, guided by club members, they can try out their managing styles in a sort of practical laboratory by working on committees.
Hefke, NAUB corporate advisory board member and a managing director at J.
NAUB has been a catalyst for economic and community development across the country for over two decades," noted Debbie A.
The NAUB is a non-profit organization of minority professionals in banking and related fields.
Fleet is underwriting the minority vendor fair, and is cosponsoring the six-day NAUB Conference.
Minority vendors wishing to exhibit products or services at the fair should contact Shiela Crawford, incoming president of the NAUB, at 617-248-3306.
Some of the issues NAUB is currently addressing are: the need for banks to provide affordable housing; how banks can assist small businesses; and the introduction of a public-private sector partnership total community redevelopment investment (TCRI) to assist in rebuilding urban communities.
Jones, President of NAUB, agreed to the merger after the Board of Directors for BESI and NAUB approved the merger at NAUB's National Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.