NAUFNo Added Urea Formaldehyde (building materials)
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8% buy NAUF (no-added urea-formaldehyde) board products, 43.
Among the items mentioned: switching to water-based finishes or low-VOC finishes and glues; recycling or other usage of waste materials; and switching to certified woods and/or NAUF board products.
In introducing NU Green 2 NAUF particleboard, the most competitively priced eco-friendly panel on the market, we are taking the sting out of being green and allowing manufacturers to implement change today instead of tomorrow.
The Company expects NU Green 2 NAUF particleboard will be well received by the industry, as builders and manufacturers are under increasing economic strain due to the premium cost of using the environmentally friendly products required by changing regulations.
NAUF has been a long-standing user of Agilon's (http://www.
The combination provides NAUF with the ability to grow rapidly while making it easier for fund accountants to track, report and analyze funds and investments.
They are available convex or concave, with more than 70 profile options, and can be made from any species, as well as NAUF core material, FSC-certified materials and environmentally responsible Echowood veneers.
The standard core material is NAUF industrial-grade particleboard.
Attendees were educated on Uniboard's entire product portfolio ranging from particleboard, medium and high-density fiberboard to thermofused melamine panels as well as the Company's line of NU Green NAUF products.
For example, says TorZo's Jeff Southwell, the hardness on an infused FSI rated NAUF OSB panel rose from 800 pounds on a janka ball test to 4,600 pounds.
Available from Uniboard, NU Green zero NAUF particleboard is FSC certified and meets environmental certification standards set by the Composite Panel Assn.