NAUMNational Autonomous University of Mexico
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The city of Naum, which we were approaching, is a frontier of the Chinese empire, and is fortified in their fashion.
The three hundred soldiers from Naum marched in our front, the two hundred in our rear, and our men on each side of our camels, with our baggage and the whole caravan in the centre; in this order, and well prepared for battle, we thought ourselves a match for the whole ten thousand Mogul Tartars, if they had appeared; but the next day, when they did appear, it was quite another thing.
Besides Naum, there is also a boy named Grisha, a dead ringer for Abram in the earlier film: he is a dark-haired, nervous boy.
Naum Kleiman is an historian of cinema, Russian film critic, specialist in Sergei Eisenstein, manager of the Moscow State Central Cinema Museum, Eisenstein-Centre director, actor and filmmaker.
L'experience francaise de Naum est differente de celle de ses collaborateurs, car c'est un intellectuel qui n'a pas pris la voie de l'exil apres l'installation de l'oppression communiste en Roumanie.
He rejected literature or, as Ion Pop, one of the last commentators on Romanian surrealism, noted, Naum wanted "poetry to go beyond literature in order to become vision, and for poets to no longer be writers but visionaries instead" (3)
CASE FACTS: Naum DeZacks was a patient at Tendercare, Inc.
The victim was left with no member when Dr Naum Ciomu had a fit of rage during a routine operation and cut it to pieces.
Nicholas Naum, the NFA's north west representative criticised the EA's current approach to the issue and said there was no excuse for avoiding an open vote on the closed season.
I was keen to visit the Tate, which this season features an exhibition by Richard Long, Kosho Ito and Russian-born Naum Gabo who moved to Cornwall in 1939.
Some of the more important exiles were Antoine Pevsner, Naum Gabo and Alexander Rodchenko.
In 1998, the students of Mexico closed and occupied NAUM, one of the world's largest universities with over 275,000 enrollees.