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NAVANational Association for the Visual Arts
NAVANorth American Vexillological Association
NAVANational Association for Variable Annuities
NAVANavajo National Monument (US National Park Service)
NAVANational Association of Valuers and Auctioneers (UK)
NAVANational Audiovisual Archive
NAVANational Audio Visual Association
NAVANational Alliance for Volunteer Action (Bulgaria)
NAVANorth Atlantic Videogame Aficionados
NAVANeurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist (mechanical ventilation (life support) controlled directly by the patient's own neural control of breathing)
NAVANavigator and Venturer Association (UK)
NAVANorthern Arizona Volleyball Academy (Peoria, AZ)
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With the opening of our first Center in the District and our third in the DC region, Nava is making its mark that our innovative approach to health and wellness is here to stay," said Dancel.
On the Private Estate Grounds, Rodrigo Nava will present "Expansions", a large scale sculpture installation derived from explosive-forming techniques that create a narrative of conversation between artist and process.
What Shane did halfway through the season two years ago,'' Nava said, "to drop switch-hitting that deep into the year and then just start to rake the ball, that's so off the charts I don't know how anybody could expect to do that.
Constellation also announced expansion of the Nava brewery by another five million hectoliters.
Porter followed Nava as she progressed to the final stages of the Miss Venezuela contest.
All entrants will receive complementary accommodation at the Stratford Manor, provided by the event sponsors and a free place to the NAVA Property Auctioneering Forum the next day.
Having just the teen's first name, Nava recalled, "It was really nothing to start with.
Momalikwamo aga yimo ava lirongere vakadona yokuhamena yisilikisaruvharo noku nava vhura kuyigwana, ntani rnapukururo gokuhamena mahamba gokutambasana pakarokumwe panyama ngamoomu endongo netjukumuna ngoso, nomu nava lipopera koku ga kagura.
The minister said each volatile district like Nava, Qarabagh and Andar would have a 300-member local police force and the rest of personnel would be dispatched to other areas.
Edita Almonte, Head of the Department of Respiratory Therapy at the hospital said: "We are proud to be the first UAE hospital with this new NAVA technology, especially as it is helping some of our smallest and most vulnerable patients to breathe more easily.
Nava provides a unique means for physicians to diagnose and monitor various types of breathing disorders encountered in the intensive care unit, it added.
The processed diaphragm signal was used to control a Servo 300 ventilator (Maquet Critical Care, Solna, Sweden) during NAVA.