NAVAIRNaval Air Systems Command
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The need for a centralized database and/or tool to facilitate these research functions and disseminate the results became evident as the number of programs supported by the NAVAIR DMSMS team grew.
We plan to provide greater efficiencies to NAVAIR by streamlining processes, measuring performance and establishing high performing teams, which will allow our client to reinvest and reallocate limited resources to other worthy objectives.
According to Engility, its team of skilled professionals will collaborate with the Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE Office to deliver services and products to NAVAIR and the warfighter.
John Richardson visited NAVAIR for briefs and a town hall meeting.
due to proprietary data restrictions), the mission and requirements tentative, and the responsible NAVAIR technical area experts (TAE) may be unfamiliar with the UAS platform, the research environment and methods used.
Q: NAVAIR has made hiring wounded warriors and veterans a priority.
It has since been brought to our attention that an exception to this rule is authorized in NAVAIR 01-85ADC-6-3 (15 November 2007) for shore based EA-6B maintainers performing 218 Day Special Inspections.
The NAVAIR team is dedicated to improving your performance, and your comments and feedback are key to the process,
In 2006, NAVAIR LPIT members were asked to join the Department of Defense (DoD) Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Working Group, which supports Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness Policy (ADUSD (MR&MP)) and Assistant Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics Plans and Programs (ADUSD (LP&P)).
We are delighted to be able to provide NAVAIR with our technical service and expertise,"
When asked how the EH101/US101 air vehicle would be modified or reinforced to meet current criteria, NAVAIR explained its policy forbids discussing "vulnerability" issues.
0, assistant commander for contracts, spoke on the outlook of NAVAIR contracting with the chapter at one of their fall officer meetings.