NAVAIRNaval Air Systems Command
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It's imperative for a small business like ours to offer the Navy more and better services if we're going to survive the sequestration budget cuts," said Hammond, whose employees support NAVAIR at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD and other Navy and Marine Corps bases around the country.
Q: NAVAIR has made hiring wounded warriors and veterans a priority.
Maintenance levels are determined by the Supportability Analysis conducted within the NAVAIR 6.
Ten NAVAIR flag officers met in February for a roundtable discussion to explore ways to strengthen the acquisition community's connection to the fleet, with an eye toward growing a cadre of well-balanced, uniformed Navy and Marine Corps acquisition experts.
It has since been brought to our attention that an exception to this rule is authorized in NAVAIR 01-85ADC-6-3 (15 November 2007) for shore based EA-6B maintainers performing 218 Day Special Inspections.
The program managers at NAVAIR are command-slated Navy captains from the Aviation Engineering Duty Officer community, and Marine Corps colonels with significant previous experience in managing aircraft programs.
The NAVAIR team is dedicated to improving your performance, and your comments and feedback are key to the process,
We are delighted to be able to provide NAVAIR with our technical service and expertise,"
When asked how the EH101/US101 air vehicle would be modified or reinforced to meet current criteria, NAVAIR explained its policy forbids discussing "vulnerability" issues.
NAVAIR provides advanced warfare technologies through the efforts of a seamless, integrated, worldwide network of aviation technology experts.
NAVAIR operations are detailed in formal NAVAIR FMS reserve business rules signed in May 2001.
According to Mark Kolstoe, chief architect and project leader of the NAVAIR lab network project, "We need to get the right information into the right hands instantaneously, or close to it.