NAVAIRSYSCOMNaval Air Systems Command
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TADIRCM development is aimed at three communities," explained CDR Joel Stubbs, an F-14 radar-intercept officer and executive officer for the NAVAIRSYSCOM PMA-272 Aircraft Survivability Equipment/Advanced Technology Foreign Military Sales Office.
Massenburg, Commander NAVAIRSYSCOM ,currently chairs the Joint Aeronautical Logistics Commanders (JALC).
Hardee is currently air speed project officer, NAVAIRSYSCOM, Patuxent River, Md.
iBASEt's FSD has a diversified record of quality performance supporting requirements for the NAVAIRESFOR, NAVAIRSYSCOM, SPAWAR, NSWC Carderock, NSWC Indian Head, Air Force, Marines, NASA, CENTCOM and local government agencies.
Then there is the second item of interest: Does RIFLe allow us to radically transform the retail level supply chain and the Intermediate Maintenance Activity to better align and support top-level goals set forth by CNO, by NAVAIRSYSCOM and NAVSUPSYSCOM, and by the TYCOM, while providing the expected level of warfighter support?
Moving into February, in cooperation with the Office of the Test Director at White Sands, NAVAIRSYSCOM will turn to laser-warning probability-detection testing.