NAVCNorth American Veterinary Conference
NAVCNortheast Advanced Vehicle Consortium
NAVCNortheast Alternative Vehicle Consortium (est. 1993; Boston, MA)
NAVCNorthern Alberta Volleyball Club (est. 1984; Alberta, Canada)
NAVCNational Army Volunteer Center (Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan)
NAVCNational Audio Visual Championships (UK)
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Bohn, Chief Executive Officer of the NAVC, stated, "Our mission with Today's Veterinary Technician is to provide medical insights and techniques that help improve skill sets and professional development specific to the veterinary technician audience.
NAVC said the report also revealed that experts believe "fuel cell technology has begun to move from the laboratory to field trials, entering a phase of slow, steady maturation, but with no major technological breakthroughs; the predicted commercialization timeframe has slipped.
LMP) announced they will present their new medical-grade Manuka honey dressings, for use in advanced veterinary wound care, at the 2012 NAVC veterinary conference in Orlando, FL.
The NAVC is one of the only veterinary not-for-profit Association Management Companies (AMC) in existence and it's backed by decades of experience in the veterinary profession as well as conference and event planning, management and execution.
The VIC will carefully leverage the breadth and depth of the NAVC and its relationships within the profession to build the foundation for a long-term engine that drives innovation and reform.
Beth Thompson, VMD, NAVC's Vice President of Content and Medical Director, added, "At the NAVC, we live our commitment to serving the educational needs of the veterinary professional.
We look forward to working with FTA and all our partners to advance non-petroleum-based transit solutions for future transportation needs," said NAVC Executive Director Sheila Lynch.
Eric Svec was recently appointed Pinnaclife Animal Health's sales manager and will be attending the NAVC on the company's behalf.
Submission deadline for the NAVC is January 5, 2005.
Our pet insurance was designed along with the ASPCA to help pet parents afford quality veterinary care so their pets can live longer, healthier lives, and I'm excited to talk to my fellow veterinarians here at NAVC about all the benefits of the new plans," said Dr.
Slater spoke on the project at a joint press conference with the NAVC.
The Sunrise, an all composite purpose built electric vehicle developed by Solectria and funded in part by Boston Edison and NAVC, traveled a world record breaking 373.