NAVCNorth American Veterinary Conference
NAVCNortheast Advanced Vehicle Consortium
NAVCNortheast Alternative Vehicle Consortium (est. 1993; Boston, MA)
NAVCNorthern Alberta Volleyball Club (est. 1984; Alberta, Canada)
NAVCNational Army Volunteer Center (Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan)
NAVCNational Audio Visual Championships (UK)
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NAVC said the report also revealed that experts believe "fuel cell technology has begun to move from the laboratory to field trials, entering a phase of slow, steady maturation, but with no major technological breakthroughs; the predicted commercialization timeframe has slipped.
Contact: Sheila Lynch, NAVC, phone 617-482-1770 ext 12, e-mail slynch@navc.
LMP) announced they will present their new medical-grade Manuka honey dressings, for use in advanced veterinary wound care, at the 2012 NAVC veterinary conference in Orlando, FL.
We look forward to working with FTA and all our partners to advance non-petroleum-based transit solutions for future transportation needs," said NAVC Executive Director Sheila Lynch.
NAVC also was contracted by FTA to continue to staff the FTA National Fuel Cell Working Group and the International Fuel Cell Bus Committees for $900,000 for four years.
NAVC is a public-private partnership of companies, public agencies, and others working together to promote advanced vehicle technologies in the Northeast United States.
Making delivery vehicles cleaner and more fuel efficient to protect air quality is vital," said NAVC Executive Director Sheila Lynch.
I read the articles in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, and Journal of Reptilian and Amphibian Medicine and Surgery, and I try to attend a conference every year, sometimes the NAVC in Orlando or one of the large exotic association conferences, such as the AAV conference.
I almost always attend 1 or 2 large meetings a year, including the NAVC in Orlando and the AAV annual conference.
I like both, but, the large, general conferences, like the NAVC in Florida, provide a lot of information and a lot of choices that help me with all of the different animals I see daily in practice.
However, because the programs for technicians at this conference became weaker, they felt their continuing education dollars were better spent at general conferences such as the NAVC or the Western Veterinary Conference, where they could attend a good general technician program, as well as obtain some helpful information on exotic species.
I have found over the years that the NAVC has been very informative and helpful, and, now that the AAV has restarted the technician session at their annual conference, this group, too, is a great resource for technicians.