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A far, far simpler way of harmlessly defeating rotational vibration of a barrel has come on the scene in the form of the LimbSaver Barrel De-Resonator made of NAVCOM.
Once on your shoulder or on top of your pack harness, the NAVCOM cobra sling does not move.
Remington calls it the R3 and it is an exclusive from Sims Vibration Laboratory using material they call NAVCOM (noise and vibration control material).
The LimbSaver Fall-Away arrow rest features a silky smooth, sealed twin ball bearing system, dual activation-cord attachment options, deep-forked metal launcher with Teflon silencing tab and NAVCOM vibration- and noise-reducing technology in key areas.
Like all Sims products, the LimbSaver Fall-Away rest incorporates NAVCOM noise-eliminating technology, in this case in the arrow holder as well as a special drop pad that slows the launcher arm after the shot.
Limb Saver has earned a fantastic reputation for making hunting rigs quieter with innovative products produced with their NAVCOM material.
The City of Ormond Beach hereby gives notice that sealed bids for REHABILITATE ATCT SAFETY NAVCOM EQUIPMENT, BID 2015-14 will be received at the City Hall Upstairs Conference Room, 22 S.
Probably the biggest name in noise suppression is Sims Vibration Laboratory, whose products of NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) are found on many bows today.
Further diminishing noise and vibration is a set of Solid Limb Ultra Quad LimbSavers, which incorporate NAVCOM technology.
Installation is a snap, requiring no adhesives or hardware, and once in place, the Super Quads won't move because the proprietary NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) rubber grips the limbs.
The rest incorporates Sims' popular NAVCOM Technology, which helps reduce accessory vibration and noise.