NAVCOMNavigation Communication
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NAVCOMNavigator Communicator
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Once on your shoulder or on top of your pack harness, the NAVCOM cobra sling does not move.
The rest incorporates Sims' popular NAVCOM Technology, which helps reduce accessory vibration and noise.
Probably the biggest name in noise suppression is Sims Vibration Laboratory, whose products of NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) are found on many bows today.
ViBrake Inserts and Nocks utilize LimbSaver NAVCOM IV material and work to dampen vibration and improve broadhead flight.
Hybrid Cam, reflex limb pocket system, NAVCOM String Decelerator and a host of other noise and vibration reducing accessories.
The X-Coil features integrated NAVCOM camo, improves balance while reducing bow torque, measures 4.
9 ounces, and are available in either NAVCOM Integrated Camo or black.
After leaving the Navy, he served as VP of Engineering at Gould NAVCOM Systems Division, and as Executive VP and President of Lockheed Aircraft Service Company.
The Elite Prism features a round pin guard with white peep-alignment ring, Windage and Elevation Index Locators, multiple-axis adjustments, Bow Sight LED light accessory add on option and of course NAVCOM material at specific nodal points to zap vibration and noise.
TM] is also made of NAVCOM and is in the familiar shape of a "mushroom" that has become somewhat synonymous with Limb [Saver.