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NAVENielsen Audio Video Encoder
NAVENebraska Animal Verification Enhancement
NAVENavigating and Acting in Virtual Environments
NAVENight Attack Vision Exploitation
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We named it La Nave Bruja and did some of these concerts that people were asking for.
Uno de los satelites mas interesantes, ademas de Titan, es Encelado, ya que en 2006 se informo que la nave Cassini habia descubierto chorros helados y altos penachos que lanzaban particulas al espacio a una velocidad hasta de 200 kilometros por segundo, con 130 kilometros de longitud y dos kilometros de ancho.
And just like Nave House, The Porch House is a striking combination of pre-Victorian (the church was built in 1836) Gothic revivalstyle ecclesiastical architecture and clever 21st century design.
Its roof is elevated and flat with rectangular hollow spaces and windows in the walls of the middle nave, while two corridors covered in arches are on either side.
In his role, Nave will lead strategic planning, product development, market research, marketing and communications, events, project management and business analytics for HM.
El trasiego de naves aguas abajo se ilustra en la figura 4: En la parte (a) se ve la nave en la exclusa superior.
Nave has been bucking the trends since she was a child, with the support of family, teachers and, later, professors at Alcorn State University, who encouraged her scientific pursuits as an undergraduate.
Church of St Peter,Kineton (PS123,000): Repairs of masonry at Church of All Saints,Burton Dassett (PS21,000) Re-covering the nave roof in terne-coated steel.
The Nave was closed yesterday to allow the grass to be laid.
Sobre el abandono de la nave por parte de Schettino, un aspecto que ha levantado la polemica en Italia, la jueza indica que el capitan dejo el buque cuando a bordo del mismo permanecian "al menos un centenar de personas".
The sculpture is 35m high and fills the entire nave.