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NAVFACNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFACNaval Facility
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As per the contract, the company will be responsible to provide environmental engineering support services to installations within the NAVFAC Atlantic Area of Responsibility via the Comprehensive Long-term Environmental Action Navy, or CLEAN, contract.
We are looking forward to leveraging our long and distinguished track record as a primary developer of TOAARS and key provider of program management support to the NAVFAC NXR4L re-engineering project," said Cliff Cooke, Chief Executive Officer of SYS.
Under the guidance of these mandates, and initiatives, such as Task Force Cyber Awakening and CYBERSAFE, NAVFAC plans to overcome current challenges and achieve its goal of securing NAVFAC IT and operational technology (OT) systems against cybersecurity threats.
PenFed Credit Union said it has partnered with NAVFAC Federal Credit Union of Honolulu, Hawaii as part of its intent to expand its pricing power and leading edge technology to more members and potential members.
NAVFAC Federal Credit Union gains access to PenFed's products, loan rates and dividend yields for its members.
To reach this step, many hours of collaboration and coordination was required at all levels," said Keith Weidenbach, NAVFAC Southeast program manager.
Work will be performed at various sites predominantly in Hawaii and Guam and other areas within the NAVFAC Pacific area of responsibility including Japan, Okinawa, Diego Garcia and other areas in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
LCDR Chad Brooks, Naval Facilities Command MidAtlantic (NAVFAC MIDLANT); Clarence Wilson, LB&B Associates; Jennifer Cofield, NAVFAC MIDLANT; KD Woodruff, MEB, Inc.
NAVFAC supplies many services to Navy bases and organizations, including water, sewer, electricity, transportation, environmental, and facilities maintenance.
NAVFAC radically improved the contracts administration process by automating the interface between two "untouchable" systems that manage over $6 billion in annual contract awards and process tens of thousands of contract actions annually.
NAVFAC reported, in turn, that the OSHA regulations required that all scaffolding be secured to the building.