NAVFORNaval Force(s)
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Currently four countries are contributing to EU NAVFOR.
15) These three coalitions are NATO's Operation Ocean Shield, the US-led Combined Task Force-151, and the EU NAVFOR Operation Atlanta.
cn/; "EU NAVFOR Force Commander Meets CTF 526 in Salalah," EU NAVFOR Public Affairs Office, 27 June 2011, www.
78) Following the operation, the operation commander of EU NAVFOR said: "What is important is that fourteen Indian sailors are now safe and able to return to their families, after what must have been a terrifying ordeal.
AFFOR, ARFOR, NAVFOR, MARFOR) as the senior service-specific military justice headquarters for the theater, with the vision that those headquarters would have highest level Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) authority over the Servicemembers of their individual services.
There is no information on the condition of the crew and the vessel was not registered with MSCHOA (Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa)) at the time of the hijack, according to EU NAVFOR (European Union Naval Force) Public Affairs Office.
The meeting brought together 250 delegates: members of the 30 ECC member companies, MEPs and representatives of member states, the Commission, the European Maritime Safety Agency and EU NAVFOR (the EU mission combating marine piracy off the coast of Somalia).
In December 2008, the European Union launched EU NAVFOR Operation
Affairs Office, Verdict for the First EU NAVFOR Case in Kenya (Sept.
On December 7 European Union's anti-piracy naval force- EU NAVFOR announced that thirteen Sri Lankan crew, Greek Captain along with the Saudi Arabian flagged oil tanker- MV Al Nisr Al Saudi was released from Somali pirate control after the payment of a ransom.
Since the end of 2008, EU NAVFOR has been patrolling large swathes of ocean in an effort to deter Somali pirates but the hijackers are using smaller, faster boats to expand their area of interest.
Meanwhile, the sugar trade has also been hit by international violent crime: a sugar freighter has become one of the latest victims of Somali pirates patrolling the Gulf of Aden, the EU's anti-piracy force NAVFOR has reported.