NAVFORNaval Force(s)
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cn/; "EU NAVFOR Force Commander Meets CTF 526 in Salalah," EU NAVFOR Public Affairs Office, 27 June 2011, www.
78) Following the operation, the operation commander of EU NAVFOR said: "What is important is that fourteen Indian sailors are now safe and able to return to their families, after what must have been a terrifying ordeal.
AFFOR, ARFOR, NAVFOR, MARFOR) as the senior service-specific military justice headquarters for the theater, with the vision that those headquarters would have highest level Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) authority over the Servicemembers of their individual services.
they provide for EU and EU NAVFOR representatives to gain access to any
Currently docked in Djibouti with his flagship, HSwMS Carlskrona, the EU NAVFOR force commander, Rear Admiral (lower half) Jan ThE[micro]rnqvist believes that some progress is being made.
Though a coalition ship USS PORTER that works closely with EU NAVFOR and a helicopter from USS FARRAGUT, both of CMF CTF 151, confirmed that the RIM had been hijacked, EU NAVFOR headquarters first declined to confirm the report on 2nd to Somalia's anti-piracy envoy - only to report it then a day later.
EU NAVFOR said successful pirate attacks had dropped sharply through the heavily policed Gulf of Aden, which leads to the strategically important Suez canal into the Mediterranean.
Analysis: EU NAVFOR Figures Confirm the Value of Armed Security Teams in Thwarting Pirate Attacks," DefenceWeb, 6 December 2011, www.
According to an EU NAVFOR e-mail sent to the Times of Oman, the freed dhow and the Indian crew sailed on their own to Muscat.
In 2008, the European Union first created EU NAVFOR Somalia ("European Naval Force") under the auspices of U.
Rear Admiral Enrico Credendino, Force Commander of EU NAVFOR Operational Atalanta, said Oman s proximity to the Area of Operations patrolled by the task force, made it an important player in the fight against the menace.
reconnaissance aircrafts belonging to the EU NAVFOR mission fighting piracy