NAVHDANorth American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
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The clients who bring me Spinones usually just need some help polishing their dogs up for NAVHDA Natural Ability and Utility Tests.
FINDING A PROSPECT "After my boyfriend and I saw a couple of Spinones at a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test two years ago, we talked to one of the Spinone owners to find out more about the breed and maybe how to get a puppy," recalled Gail Ritter from Duluth, Minnesota.
It was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't run my shorthair in NAVHDA events because that brought me to the wirehaired vizsla and to Zsofia," Gates says.
Dogs passing the Invitational Test receive the title Versatile Champion, the highest honor in NAVHDA," Applegate points out.
The NAVHDA Registry, one of the major components of NAVHDA, holds the records of all the versatile breeds that have been through the testing system.
And finally, if you continue through the systems of NAVHDA, AKC, or the UKC to Utility, Master, or Finished levels and beyond, I'll guarantee you will meet some outstanding people and make some lifelong friends, in addition to developing yourself as a trainer and owning a truly outstanding dog.
NAVHDA Central Office Jim Applegate 116 West Eastman suite 204 Arlington Heights, IL 60006 www.
I use a trained retrieve or force-fetching method on all my Small Munsterlanders mainly to insure a dependable search, pick up, and return of any bird I send them after during any kind of NAVHDA or German-type tests," says John Liscovitz, president of KLMGMA.
Herz has contributed to the Small Munsterlander's popularity by testing several of her dogs in NAVHDA, gaining Versatile Champion titles for two of them.
Nica was the first Bracco to receive a Prize I Utility score in NAVHDA testing where the duck search is the deal-maker or deal-breaker in getting a passing Utility grade," Kavalier says.
Regina, a 6-year-old Bracco who is also the first of her breed to earn a Versatile Champion (VC) title in NAVHDA.
HERZCOFF KENNEL SMALL MUNSTERLANDERS: Pups, started and finished dogs from NAVHDA versatile champions.