NAVICPNaval Inventory Control Point
NAVICPNAVSEA Inventory Control Point
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NAVICP also provides logistics support to allied nations through the foreign military sales program.
NAVICP Executive Agent representative for EFTS: Mr.
The NAVICP logistician enjoys this aspect of the job because he is always learning new things, making the tour a worthwhile experience.
NAVICP is using its OR group to answer these questions.
Teams of maintainers and suppliers from the type commands, NAVAIR, program offices, NAVICP, DLA and the Thomas Group travel to naval air stations to conduct "Boots on the Ground" (BOG) visits to interact with the troops maintaining and supporting aircraft in order to identify barriers to readiness improvement.
In 1996, the Naval International Logistics Control Office (NAVILCO), which provides logistic assistance and foreign military sales support to more than 80 countries, consolidated with NAVICP.
As a result, the same ordering mechanism that had been in place continues to be used today, so as far as the ordering activity is concerned, industry involvement is transparent, and the activity continues ordering tires from NAVICP.
By reducing both the cost of equipment purchased and the time required to complete the order, NAVICP expects the new marketplace to drive new efficiencies and return significant savings to the Navy and the entire DoD, during the five-year agreement with TestMart.
Navy users in joint commands or supporting joint functions should contact the NAVICP Mechanicsburg contracting officer at (717) 605-5659 for further review of the requirements and coverage.
Represented on the Navy/GE team are NAVICP, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), NAVAIR Depot Jacksonville, Fla.
NAVICP has supply system sales management responsibility for stock numbered material held as sponsor-owned material, and they account for sales and credits in accordance with the FMS Reserve Memorandum of agreement.
To obtain a copy of the NAVICP message or if you have any questions regarding this issue (Incorrect Regulator) contact: Brenda Brown (DSCC -MEAB) at (614) 692-1216 (DSN 850) or e-mail brenda.