NAVICP-OFNavy Inventory Control Point International Programs Directorate
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After passing these two steps, the initiative becomes designated an objective and a NAVICP-OF "owner" is assigned.
The "Reduce Net Cost" category leverages NAVICP-OF expertise in establishing best business practices to sustain or improve the range and depth of support services in an environment of steady or declining resources, efficiencies deliver more power per dollar.
With this in mind, NAVICP-OF will deliver performance measures to the customer with "drilldown" capability, use activity based costing to measure and identify opportunities to improve the FMS process, and will support the NAVIPO initiative to use available information to track the timeliness and value of case execution.
In June of each year NAVICP-OF provides Navy IPO with a proposed schedule for the next calendar year's case reconciliation reviews.
Customer countries must inform NAVICP-OF whether they want to review all FMS cases or only specifically identified cases during the CRR meeting.
Code P764 sends these documents electronically to the customer (who may be overseas or a security assistance foreign representative working at the NAVICP-OF office) and the PowerTrack [TM] carrier.
Customers and NAVICP-OF have instant access to shipping data.