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NAVLNoninvasive Assisted Ventilation of the Lungs
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Procera s NAVL is a next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software engine that provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of network traffic, enabling integrators to remain focused on their core competencies while implementing industry-leading DPI functionality from Procera in their products.
Savvius leverages technology from the world's leading supplier of accelerators for network management and security, Napatech, to provide sustained capture rate with zero packet loss and minimize performance impact from sophisticated real-time analytics such as NAVL.
In recent benchmarking tests, NAVL achieved average performance gains of over 50 percent on standard x86 platforms, and doubled performance when utilizing an external connection management configuration.
Using Procera s NAVL solution enhances our product capabilities, enabling us to focus on our core competencies and more strategic activities that drive our bottom line so we can address the evolving concerns and demands of our SMB customers.
Application types are exploding in service provider and enterprise networks, and Procera s NAVL engine provides the accuracy, breadth of applications and protocols support needed by enterprise and service provider customers alike.
They support everything from customer service to contract management helping NAVL maintain their superior reputation.
443 Networks uses Procera's NAVL engine to provide its MSP and MSSP clients with the most flexible and powerful platform to deliver compelling SecaaS offerings to their customers.
Procera s NAVL is a powerful DPI engine, providing real-time, Layer 7 classification of network application traffic.
NAVL uses a combination of deep packet and deep flow inspection techniques to accurately identify today s most common applications including Mobile, Social Networking, P2P, Instant Messaging, File Sharing, Enterprise and Web 2.
NAVL is an easily integrated embedded intelligence engine that provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of network application traffic and metadata extraction in a reliable, scalable and cost-effective way to deliver industry leading coverage and accuracy.
The accuracy and breadth of applications and protocols supported by the Procera NAVL DPI engine, coupled with the 200Gbps throughput we have achieved on the TILE-Gx is the perfect solution to meet this rapidly growing and complex demand.
NAVL provides unparalleled high performance network insights while maintaining minimal onboard resource consumption.