NAVMEDNaval Medical Command
NAVMEDBureau of Medicine & Surgery
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Armed Services Blood Program: Joint Blood Program handbook (TM 8-227-12, NAVMED P-6530, AFH 44-152_IP).
Sandra Yerkes, NAVMED Accessions program manager, also gives the system a thumbs up.
Information obtained from the NAVMED NAVIGATOR, April 20, 2003, Issue 15, Volume 2.
Non-Labeled Noise Hazardous Areas and Equipment: 60% of units surveyed were not using NAVMED 6260/2 (8x10) (NSN 0105-LF-004-7200) and 6260/2A (2" x 2") (NSN 0105-LF-004-7800) for labeling noise hazardous areas and equipment.
3, Performance Maintenance During Continuous and Sustained Operations, refers commanding officers and flight surgeons to NAVMED P-6410 (01 Jan 2000).
Hazardous Noise Warning Label Form NAVMED 6260/2 (8"x10") NSN 0105-LF-004-7200 U/I PG (25s), or NAVMED 6260/2A (2"x2") NSN 0105-LF-004-7800 U/I PG (1400s), and Eye Hazard Caution Sign NSN 9905-01-100-8203 are required.
Also, during sanitation inspections, MDRs are improving their skills in reporting hazards as well as those requirements outlined in NAVMED P5010, Chapter 1.