NAVPERSNavy Personnel
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Navy Uniform Regulation NAVPERS 15665 online at www.
Answer: All official photographs should be affixed to the NAVPERS 1070/884 (with full social and member's signature) and mailed to:
Evaluation form NAVPERS 1616/27 8-10 can be found online.
Funding for ADSW orders is sourced from a limited NAVPERS fund, using annual command requests for emergent Navy needs.
Commands need to focus on every aspect of the screening form, NAVPERS 1300/16," said Chaffin.
Note: When filling out the NAVPERS 1070/884, member must include full SSN and sign the form.
NAVPERS 158391 Officer Manpower and Personnel Classification Manual (Part B for Subspecialty Codes) (Part D for Additional Qualification Designations) MILPERSMAN 1214-010/1214-020
Effective immediately, Sailors are required to add the names of PNOK/SNOK, addresses and telephone numbers to the DD 93 Record of Emergency Data or NAVPERS 1070/602 Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data.
All submissions should be made on a NAVPERS 1070/ 10 form to:
Membership is wide and includes representatives from the fleet, NAVSUR CNI, OPNAV, PSA and NAVPERS.