NAVRIIPNaval Aviation Readiness Integrated Improvement Program
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The NAE has evolved from NAPPI (Naval Aviator Pilot Production Improvement) and the AMSR (Aviation Maintenance and Supply Readiness) through NAVRIIP and its BOGs after the Navy's earlier attempts to recapitalize the force fell short.
With a little stick-and-rudder and some seasoning as NAVRIIP, the Naval Aviation Enterprise was born.
For more information on the Naval Aviation Enterprise, AIRSpeed, NAVRIIP, and the "lean" tools mentioned, visit the Naval Aviation Enterprise website at www.
NAVRIIP addresses problems by finding and correcting their root causes and implementing solutions across the community.
For more information about NAVRIIP and the "Boots on the Ground" team, go to www.
Malone, Commander Naval Air Forces (CNAF), released the precedent setting "Personal For" message--The Business of Naval Aviation--that included the introduction of the NAVRIIP initiated AirSpeed project.
Coupled with the proven success of LEAN production solutions at certain IMAs, as well as initial Six Sigma methodology to reduce quality variances, this NAVRIIP umbrella package is already helping various sites achieve significant business improvements.