NAVTRANSNaval Transportation Support Center
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By utilizing commercially available technology from Manugistics, NAVTRANS aims to take advantage of government-negotiated carrier rates and best commercial-transportation-and-logistics practices to lower transportation costs and improve service to U.
Customers will benefit from high-quality domestic and international freight forwarding services, while providing North American with greater presence in the marketplace," said Fred Parshley, general manager of NAVTRANS and North American Air Freight.
Compared to when I had to do this by hand, utilizing ESM makes me confident that the policies put in place remain in place and that they aren't dropped due to oversight or error," said Ron Black, director of information technology at NAVTRANS.
Throughout the entire effort, NAVTRANS Travis Det and duty officers reported to NEXCOM/ NAVTRANS and NAVSUPHQ on cargo destined for Guam.
NAVTRANS worked with Defense Distribution Center and CONUS Navy shippers to establish DHL as the primary World Wide Express carrier for TP1 cargo movements to U.
Maintains functions within three divisions: Fleet Support Division (Code 031), Regional Transportation Division (Code 032) and NAVTRANS Detachment Travis AFB (Code 033).
CAPT (SEL) Erler, USN, OIC, NAVTRANS Det (618) 229-4744
NAVTRANS is responsible for managing and controlling the transportation of Navy material worldwide.
In closing, let me extend my congratulations to Captain Bob Mundell, Commander, NAVTRANS, and his staff: especially Mary Rawlings, Jo Policastro, Jean Basnight, Richard McLean, Heather Myer, and all the others who helped produce an absolutely superb NAVTRANS Symposium this year.
This NAVTRANS reporting also saves money, allowing GTN users to divert critical parts and supplies even while national defense assets are constantly on the move, as this reference from a user aboard the USS Spruance demonstrates: "I see we have material that is being shipped to Sigonella.
The NAVTRANS Transportation Symposium and NDTA Exposition will be held from 4-7 February 2002 at the Marriott Waterside Hotel and Convention Center in Norfolk, VA.
I do hope to see them at our NDTA Expo that we coordinate in conjunction with the NAVTRANS and MTMC Symposia early next year.