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NAWNational Association of Wholesaler-Distributors
NAWNotarztwagen (German: Ambulance with doctor on board)
NAWNational Assembly for Wales
NAWNations At War (gaming mod, Battlefield 2)
NAWNumber of Awakenings (sleep analysis)
NAWNational Alliance of Women (India)
NAWNational Association of Webmasters
NAWNew Actors Workshop (New York City)
NAWNational Association of Woodworkers, Inc. (New Zealand)
NAWNeuw Archief voor Wiskunde
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BD: What are the biggest trends impacting the NAW market right now?
NAW, I'm not standing against Labour in the Glasgow East by-election.
Steve, a cook at St Nicholas' Hospital, Gosforth, Newcastle, runs the NAW website and organises the monthly wrestling events for members.
The NAW started in 1999 with the first courses held in 2002.
Posters or invitations can be made by the NAW Committee, a craft class, the Resident's Council, family members, or students at the local high school or college.
Through this alliance, the NAW is featuring Cortera PULSE[TM] a daily alert system and a proactive approach to business that monitors over 20,000,000 companies - both public and private.
14 * NAW Editor in Chief Gordon Whittington returns to Thro Rivers Outfitters (tworiversoutfitters.
The articles NAW carries do not overaggrandise the woman to the point of gloating-I find them well-balanced.
Graybar has been active with NAW for a number of years, and we are pleased about Kathy's involvement in the NAW Institute," said Robert A.
Legislation long sought by the wholesale distribution industry and championed by NAW has been introduced to grant wholesaler-distributors the same exemption from paying overtime to inside commissioned sales people as is currently enjoyed by other companies.
NAW encompasses over 80 national line-of-trade associations, representing virtually all products that move to market via wholesaler-distributors.
Written by Igor Masin, one of MTBS' most passionate members, NAW pits members against each other on a continually evolving online map.