NAWCANorth American Wholesale Co-Op Association
NAWCANorth American Wetlands Conservation Act of 1989
NAWCANorth American Waterfowl Conservation Act of 1989
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In his remarks, President Bush singled out Ducks Unlimited President John Tomke and DU supporters, reflecting the strong support DU provides for the NAWCA program.
Through these partnership projects, NAWCA has been responsible for protecting and restoring millions of acres of critical wildlife habitat across North America in the places where wildlife need it the most.
Without it, the continental success that NAWCA has fostered would grind to a halt," added Sutherland.
NAWCA provides challenge grants for wetlands conservation projects in the U.
From a habitat conservation perspective, continued Wentz, the NAWCA program is one of the most effective vehicles for waterfowl and wetlands conservation on the continent.
The NAWCA grant, the first to apply to the southern San Joaquin, will support the acquisition and restoration of wetlands on 2,762 acres; the restoration of an additional 200 acres; and the enhancement of more than 22,400 acres.